Impressionism WebQuest

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     1.  Look at each of the six Art Critics below to locate your assigned 
         artist.  That will be the Critic/Group where your research sites are

          Art Critic (Group1)    Art Critic (Group2)   Art Critic (Group3)    
              Monet                     VanGogh                Gauguin
              Degas                     Signac                 Cezanne

          Art Critic (Group4)      Art Critic (Group5)  Art Critic (Group6) 

              Cassatt                     Manet                 Seurat
              Matisse                     Lautrec               Renoir

     2.  Click on your Art Critic Group at top of this page for the linked 
         sites of the artist given to you by your teacher.  Gather all the 
         research available regarding the style of art and data of your 
     3.  Write down everything possible for use in writing your critique.  
         Remember, you will write the critique in your own words.  Quote and
         cite anything that is not yours.
     4.  Research!  Research! Research, till you have all that's needed for a 
         typed 2 - 3 page document.  Two full pages minimum.
     5.  Write your critique paper using the template provided in the 
         "Evaluations/Docs" section.  
     6.  Evaluate your paper using the "Rubric-Critique" found in the 
         Evaluations/Docs section at top of this page.
     7.  You will now create your own work of art.  
         Study and look closely at your artist's works of art to grasp and
         understand the style used, colors used, brush work - if any type 
         defined, and major subject choices of the artist.  All of these will
         help define your painting as a similar recognizable rendition of the 
         artist, yet uniquely your own work and not a copy. You can print off
         some examples of your artist's work, but remember, you will not copy
         any of it.  Your looking at it for style, colors used, and 
         application of the paint. 
     8.  Look at the site provided for you in Resources/Credits that shows 
         what artist Lee Tiller did in making his paintings look like VanGogh
         paintings but are totally his.  Each painting has a distinctive look 
         similar to his style and subject choice, but not a copy of any 
         VanGogh original pieces he painted.  Another artist, Vitali Komarov, 
         also did some original ideas from VanGogh's style in this site as 
         well. Look under the word Resources to view this site. It is called
         VanGogh Site. 
     9.  Evaluate your finished work of art using the "Rubric-Work of Art" 
         found in the Evaluations/Docs section at top of this page.
     10. After completing the painting, you will write an "Artist's 
         Statement" that will incorporate the six expectations discussed in 
         the "Task" section.  A template for doing this is located in the 
         "Evaluations/Docs" section.  
     11.  Evaluate your "Artists's Statement" using the "Rubric-Artist's 
         Statement" found in the Evaluations/Docs section at the top of this 
     12. Your final painting will go on display with all the students as part
         of a school-wide exhibit along with your "Artist's Statement".

          *** You may chose to do the assignment "Pop Art" linked at the 
              top of this page.  This assignment is a collaboration with Mrs.
              Saltzgiver's WebQuest project and is definitely acceptable as a 
              choice.  Just let your teacher know if you are selecting this 
              This art style may may be assigned to you if your permission
              slip does not allow you to view sites containing nude paintings 
              of artists from the Impressionistic time period.

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