7th Grade Mark Twain Web Quest

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McDougal's Cave

Can you imagine being stranded in a cave like Tom and 
Becky? Well, that cave really exists.  Check out the following before 
entering McDougal's Cave: 

a virtual cave here and see just what's inside the rocks.

Check out
Bridal Cave Kids'Page to see how rocks grow, what caves are made of 
and even check out Max the Bat.

Are you ready?
Take a visit to McDougal's Cave.
Bring a flashlight....and watch out for spiders  and bats!  Choose "Cave 
Pictures" to see inside the cave.  There you will be able to 
actually enter the caverns by clicking on the movie.  Stay close and 
don't get lost.  Shhhhh  Do you hear Injun Joe?

Click here to enter the cave if you dare!

Evaluate any of these web sites by downloading this form.

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