Cell Membrane - What Goes In and Out?

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Your panel will consist of three members that will have to research 
information on each area of speciality.  You will have to assign/volunteer 
for ONE of the "roles" you will perform in this project.  You will find each 
member's role above.  The three panel members (roles) are:

1.  Cell Membrane Structuralist 
2.  Diffusion Detective
3.  Osmosis Informant

In each of the sections you will find internet links to help you investigate 
the cell membrane and the its functions.  You should click on the links and 
participate in an interactive activity or read the information given.  
Taking notes is encouraged to help you gather information that you will need 
to put into your brochure.

After you have gathered the information, your panel will then collaborate, 
using the Group Pages in the Communications Section in Blackboard to discuss 
your brochure.  

You can send each other messages in the discussion board and also send 
files. Your groups will be designated by name so that you communicate to 
only your group members.   You will be given a task card on how to make a 
brochure in the Task Card Section.

Your brochure should include three sections:
1.  Cell membrane structure (what components are in a cell membrane and what 
do they do?)
2.  Diffusion (what is it and why is it important?  what kinds of diffusion 
are there?)
3.  Osmosis (what is it and why is it important?  what is tonicity and why 
is it important?)

You should have graphics and be informative and easy to read and 
understand.  If you need advice, please email the instructor to clear up any 
confusion.  My email is tcrussc@tcc.edu

You should designate one panel member to be the "point" person to edit the 
brochure, but the other two members will also contibute to what goes into 
the brochure and how the brochure is created.  A rubric on collaboration 
work will be available in the Evaluation Rubrics Section.  Each panel member 
will grade the other two members and submit them to the instructor.  These 
evaluations will be confidential so that honest scoring can be 

A brochure rubric will also be provided so that the panel can see what they 
are graded on in making the brochure.  Keep the rubric available so that you 
don't lose points on this project.  Be creative and have fun!

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