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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Children's Express
To be used for publishing, this news service is reported by kids age 13 and 
under.  The twice-weekly column is distributed by UPI to 2,500 newspapers 
around the world.  Write for information.

To be used for publishing, this site publishes a variety of material; 
however, write to them first to ask for guidelines and upcoming themes.

White Barn Press
To be used for publishing.  "Almost everyone is as full of words waiting to 
sing as a forest is full of birds before sunrise."  Poet Harry Behn 
This web site is devoted to publishing authors of all ages.  Are you writing 
a memoir? Do you like to spend time alone thinking and writing about 
adventures you've had and people you've met?  
Have you read any great books you'd like to share with others? Do you have 
good ideas for keeping busy on a day that otherwise might be boring? Do you 
write poetry just for fun? Take advantage of our writing club and write for 
others to read. We'll do our best to publish your work.

The Write Site
The NEWSROOM is divided into four main areas where you and your class can 
begin researching and writing your own news stories. Enter the NEWSROOM to 
discover cool facts and fun links to newspapers and news agencies around the 


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