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Name:  _______________________    Date:  ________    Period:  ______

Print this list and choose from the list below what topic you would like to 
write your persuasive essay on.  You can also think of your own.  The list 
contains mostly topics.  You will need to choose a side and write a 
convicing main argument using your topic.  Your topic must be approved by 
your teacher before you can continue.

Possible Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Essay

_____ Should the President of the United States spend more money on the war 
or on education?
_____ vandalism on school property
_____ drug use
_____ smoking
_____ drinking
_____ chores (Should you have to do them?  Are chores equal among your 
family members?)
_____ Should allowing children to ride in the back of trucks be against the 
_____ Should high school students be allowed to leave campus to go to lunch?
_____ School days shortened.
_____ Year round school
_____ If you were the President of the United States, what would you change?
_____ If you were a parent, what do you feel would be the most important 
thing to teach your child?
_____ Should boys have to pay higher car insurance rates than girls?
_____ violence on television
_____ video games
_____ saving water
_____ saving energy
_____ recycling
_____ Halloween
_____ Harry Potter books
_____ AIMS
_____ importance of sports
_____ gas-powered lawn mowers vs. non-gas powered
_____ grass lawns in the desert
_____ importance of extra-curricular activities
_____ Should schools teach in English and Spanish?
_____ Should juveniles be sentences as adults when they have committed a 
_____ gangs
_____ suicide
_____ importance of doing well in school and graduating
_____ Should girls be allowed to play football or other contact sports 
(boxing, wrestling, etc.)?
_____ Are athletes paid too much?
_____ Convince people to give up watching television for a week.
_____ Convince people to wear sunscreen.
_____ Does society idolize celebrities too much?
_____ What is beauty?
_____ What does it mean to be a "man"?
_____ What does it mean to be a "woman"?
_____ skate parks
_____ bike parks
_____ If you share a bedroom with a sibling, explain to your parents the 
 importance of having your own room.
_____ Restaurants that waste food.
_____ Should teens have a job?
_____ Should there be ratings/restrictions on music?
_____ Testing on animals by makeup companies, scientists, etc.
_____ rain forest
_____ uranium mining
_____ danger of utility power poles
_____ car pooling
_____ new clothes vs. second hand clothes
_____ Do Native American artifacts belong to the tribe, or the person who 
found it, or the person who owns the land?
_____ riding motorcycles without helmets.
_____ seat belt use
_____ Are air bags dangerous?
_____ wolves vs. cattle ranchers
_____ Do teachers treat boys and girls differently?
_____ hunting
_____ reading vs. watching the movie
_____ schools that have more money than other schools
_____ Should people be allowed to post any web site they want, even if it is 
_____ Plan for the future, or live one day at a time?
_____ spay/neuter pets
_____ importance of training a pet
_____ allowance
_____ importance of donating to charities
_____ teaching pit bulls to fight
_____ are celebrities good role models?  Choose one.
_____ Should the wife and husband help equally in the chores and cooking?
_____ Should students have to do homework?
_____ Are school buses safe?
_____ Should the U.S. border be opened up to Mexican citizens so they can 
work in the U.S.?
_____ Convince someone to hire you as a helper.
_____ Convince the principal that ___________________ is the best teacher in 
_____ Convince a judge to choose your work for the art show.
_____ Convince people to ride bicycles to work.

MAIN ARGUMENT:  ____________________________________________________________

Teacher approved:  ___________________

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