Create Your Own Sumerian City-State

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Well, hello! This is your Mesopotamia City Designing Supervisor. I have 
invited you all here to do one thing and that is to DESIGN A SUMERIAN CITY-
STATE. You know, it is 3,500 B.C. and I think it is about time we all find a 
location to settle down and build ourselves a little community. I am tired 
of hunting and gathering and living a nomadic life style. There has to be a 
more efficient and prosporous way to live our lives. One thing though, I 
need your help! 

The incentive you ask??? Oh yes, the most important part... The team of 
designers that brings me the best city plan will get their plan approved and 
a city will be built and named after them! The winning plan must include a 
very detailed description with visuals of the following: geography, 
occupations, farming, and government. 

Each group will be given time to show and convince me and my panel members 
(the class) that your city-state is the best and fits the criteria of a 
successful city!

Are you ready?? You and your group members are about to embark on a great 
adventure... a place where no man has ever gone before! May the most 
creative, well thought out, most collaborative, and hardest working group 
win! OK city designers, let's get started.

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