Battle of Gettysburg WebQuest

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Scavenger Hunt

the "Links" page, which take you through the battle.  

Once you do that, then you can go to any of the other sites on the "Links" 
page to answer the questions below.  Your answers to these questions count as 
a quiz grade.

Find the answers to these questions as you surf the links on this 
webquest.  Please answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

1.  When and where did the Battle of Gettysburg take place?

2.  Who were the commanders on each side at this battle?

3.  How many soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing in this battle?  (How 
many casualties were there?)

4.  What were the names of the two armies that fought at Gettysburg?

5.  go to the second link, "Gettysburg in the eyes of a 15 year old girl."  
Read the background and Tillie's account of the battle.  Answer the following 
     a.  When was Tillie born?
     b.  What "formal demands" did the Confederate soldiers make?
     c.  Where did Tillie flee to on July 1st?
     d.  How did surgeons treat most of the wounded at the Weikert farm?

6.  What happened at the battle of "Little Round Top?"

7.  What was "Pickett's Charge?"  What was the outcome?

8.  Why was Gettysburg the turning point of the Civil War?

9.  When and why did President Lincoln give the "Gettysburg Address?"

10.  Mrs. Cerulli will assign you one of the soldiers from the list on 
the "Major Figures" page.  Tell us about him and what happened to him at the 
Battle of Gettysburg.

Extra Credit (3 points):
a.  How many CT units fought at Gettysburg?
b.  Who was the commander of the 2nd CT Artillery unit?
c.  Where was he from?

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